Das Museum der Propaganda

Ich war sehr glücklich, als ich zum ersten mal über das Museum der Zensur und seine Ausstellungen von Propagandageschichte hörte. Wenn ich aber erfahren habe, dass das Projekt nur eine Übung an graphisches Design war, erkannte ich, dass das Museum von mir zusammentgestellt werden muss. Seitdem tue ich es. Die folgende Sammlung ist nur ein kleiner Teil dieses ständig wachsenden Museums, von alles, was noch darauf wartet, geschrieben zu werden. Schauen Sie zurück.

Ads in times of peace
Cartes de visite
Ottoman ads
Hungarian and French abstinence ads
Anna Csillag, apostle of hair growing
My first step for the Einem cakes
Marriage ad with wealth balance, 1907

National representation
“Palace of King Matthias” in Kassa, 1893-1943
Coronation of the last Tsar, 1896
The last Tsar in Paris, 1896

The first world war
Preparation for the war with paper soldiers
The Sarajevo assassination in the Russian press
The cut pages of the Sarajevo assassination
To my peoples
Long live the war! Soldier trains heading to the front
German and Hungarian soldiers leaving for excursion
The Pathé Brothers’ newsreel in peace and war
British and Russian war propaganda with children
German wartime children’s books
Bathing young Venus, a pleasure of children soldiers
The Krampus and the Red Devils on the front
Statues of a Hungarian and a Romanian war hero in the Carpathians
Die Juden von Podhajce begrüßen Erzherzog Friedrich, 1916
The Jews of Kolomea greeting Emperor Charles, 1917

The Hutsul Republic
Ungarischer Wappen auf dem kroatischen Parlament, 1918
Die Mähren von Hultschin, die zur Tschechoslowakei nein sagten
Falsche Volksbestimmung über Subkarpathien

The Mexican revolution
Revolutionary songs from Mexico (es)
José Guadalupe Posada, illustrator of the revolution (es)
Holy images of the revolution

The birth of the Soviet Union
Fotos der Februarrevolution in der Dicescu Sammlung
Retouchierte Fotos der Februarrevolution
Birth of the Soviet Union and the Council of People’s Commissars
Zwei Neujahrstage in Rußland
Boris Kusztodiev’s processions
Boris Kusztodiev’s great leaps
Games of world revolutions for Soviet children
God is great and I’m not. Monumental statues
Tengri, the blue sky. Lenin’s head in the Altai
Lenin statues on Tsarist bases
Drawings of Soviet prisoners on Lenin
Day of Birds and other manifestations
Building and blowing up the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, 1931
Fotoalbum der Opfer des Großen Terrors
1 May 1935. Nikolai Ekk’s color film
The Russian Völkischer Beobachtung, 1935
Die Schlange in der deutsch-sowjetischen Propaganda
The great voyage from Tula to Moscow for 7 November 1937
Good wishes for Stalin’s 60th birthday, 1939

Between two wars
Petr Leshchenko and he Russian homesickness (es)
Picture catechism with the Bernadette Method (es)
Polish abstinence posters
Old book posters from Lwów (es)
Lenin, Hitler and the children
Mussolini, Perón, Franco and the children (es)
The Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union on the World Exhibition of 1937 (fr)
The second world war
Polish, German, two good friends. Cartoons, 1933-1939
German and Soviet films on the oppressed Poland, 1941 (pl)
Soviet-German poster on bombing London
The Soviet-Nazi common parade in Brest, 1939
British leaflets for Iran in the form of Persian miniatures
Soviet and German safe-conducts for the enemy
German, Italian and Soviet postcards from the front
Japanese wartime kimonos
Robert Capa’s photos on D-Day
Boris Kobe’s Dachau lager cards, 1945 (es)

The Soviet Union’s war
The entrance of the Red Army to Lwów, and Dovzhenko’s propaganda film (es)
The swift water of Cheremosh. Dovzhenko’s propaganda film on Bukovina
Cernăuți 1939 – Черновиц 1940
How they were – how they became. The Estonian government, 1940
“Catching a language” on children’s postcard
Töte King Kong!
Evgeny Haldey’s wartime photos
Soviet and German safe-conducts for the enemy
German, Italian and Soviet postcards from the front
Triangular letter from the front
Song on Katyusha (ru az)
Victorious graffitis on the Reichstag

The Nazi Germany
The Krumme Lanke housing estate for SS officers
The ideal Nazi family
Feasts in Nazi Germany
Nazi May Day, 1933
Anna Csillag, master of Hitler
Hitler, candidate for Nobel Peace Award
Pétain’s apotheosis
Eiffel Tower, 1940
Deutsche Polizisten mit schwarzem Kriegsgefangenen
German soldiers’ photos from the Warsaw ghetto (es)
Johannes Hähle’s photos from the Eastern front: Kharkov, Lubny, Baby Yar
Photos from the German Kharkov
Denkmal für die Nazi Befreier
Birth of the Tango of Death
On the birthday of the Generalgouvernement, 1941
Easter 1942 in the occupied territories
Ein gewöhnlicher Tag im deutschen Kiew, 1942
The Kiev death match, 1942
The BBC’s lies on the Kiev death match, 2012
Soviet and German safe-conducts for the enemy
German, Italian and Soviet postcards from the front
Nazi demoralizing leaflets for American and British soldiers

Hungary in the war
Our man on the Russian front
Romanian reader for the Hungarians in the restored Transylvania
Hungarian boyscout on the front
Hand-drawn front postcards from Russia
Don. A tragedy and its afterlives

Wartime talking
Russian phrasebook to occupy Estonia
German phrasebook for the Soviet army for a preventive blow, 1941
An article confirming the existence of the Russian-German phrasebook of 1941
German-Russian mechanical dictionary, 1940(?) (es)
German-Russian phrasebook for the Wehrmacht
Russian-German phrasebook on Nazi feasts, 1942
Russian manual for Germans on prisoners’ camps
Romanian reader for the Hungarians in the restored Transylvania
Hungarian-Russian phrasebook on looting, 1942
Hungarian phrasebook for a conversation with the Soviet liberators
Belgian phrasebook for a conversation with the Anglo-Saxon liberators

Postwar Soviet Union
Soviet abstinence posters (es)
Nyet! Metamorphoses of the 1954 abstinence poster
Abstinence posters in form of luboks
Russian, Nanai, two friends. Idealized relations in the Tales of Amur
Life exhibition of party photographer Viktor Ahlomov
Soviet flags in the Budapest Memento Park
Russian prison cards, 1967-81
Moscow, May Day 1983
Viktor Tsoi and the golden city
Night of the bards
Demolition of the Dzherzhinsky statue at the Lubyanka

Hungarian socialism
Lenin Song or Funeral March. Metamorphoses of a song and of a figure
Captain Ostapenko’s statue
For the 60th birthday of Mátyás Rákosi, the Hungarian Stalin

Mao mit dem Dalai Lama
Mao is alive. Photos of three generations
John Dominis’ photos in the socialist China

Vietnamese leaflets for American soldiers

Apotheosis of the Allies in the form of Persian miniatures
The political message of the beard
Elections in Iran, 2009
It’s winter
Shajarian: Dawn bird
The dawn gives news

Russia after the turn
Memories of the Soviet world in Alexandr Sennikov’s still lives
Front fighters’ vodka on Nazi model
The Russian embodiment of the ideal Nazi family
On the congress of the Russian Communist Party
Crisis calendar Mayakovsky-style
Anti-Coca-Cola calendar in the style of old Soviet posters
Great patriotic war against the Coca-Cola
Versions of the pointing recruiting posters
Pro-Stalin graffiti in Simferopol
Russia is for everyone. The multinational Russia, 2011
Reality show: Common breakfast of Putin and Medvedev
After the Russian elections, 2011
Stalin’s church cult in today’s Russia
Apocryphal icons in today’s Russia
May Day 2014 for Putin and the Soviet Union

Ukraine after the turn
Glory to Ukraine. A Nazi pub at Lviv’s main square
Hitler, friend of the Aryan Ukraine
Die Maidan in Kiew in der Nacht der Revolution
The fall of the statues of Lenin in the Ukraine
Trizuby Stas: Twelwe Communists. A song for the fall of the statues of Lenin

Mitteleuropa after the turn
Statue of Attila in Tulln
Slovakian mistranslations on Hungarian statues
War songs in the Balkans once and now
Red sludge of a past regime
Conspiracy of the two-tailed in Mallorca and Prague (es)
2013, die Krise ist weg!
Tsar of the champagnes: the Soviet champagne
Magic crown in Dunakeszi, Hungary

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